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5 Best Attractions In Cagliari, Italy! 

Hot girl summer is here to stay and Cagliari Italy has been one of the most underrated places to visit. Planning to visit the tranquil and scenic slice of heaven? Here are some of the best activities to do during your stay:

5.)  Hiking Trip to the Devil’s Saddle

Ready to have a magical experience? Cagliari’s iconic symbol is now ready for the whole world to see! Take in the panoramic view of the spectacular Gulf of Angels. This corner of paradise can be accessed through a gateway of flora and fauna which is well-suited for tourists of all ages. 

You can never miss this mini-trekking flight of fancy your whole life! 

4.) Culurgiones Cooking Class

 Master the art of cooking the best pasta in the world only in this warm-hearted cooking class! 

During this class, you will learn how to cook Sardinia’s very own special paste: Culurgiones. While you wait for your own homemade meal to cook, you can set the table and enjoy the whole experience! 

3.)  Day Trip to Barumini and Giara di Gesturi

Barumini and Giara di Gesturi is a certified UNESCO World Heritage Site and on this tour, you can discover the wonders of the Nuragic civilization. Here you will find the most impressive architectural expressions as well as a unique natural environment you can’t find anywhere else.

You can also have the chance to stroll the Mediterranean scrub in search of the majestic wild horses of the Giara. 

2.) Flamingo Oasis Bike Tour

If you haven’t seen an actual flock of vibrant flamingoes your entire life this is your chance! This fun tour will take you to the Molentargius-Saline Regional Park– a lush oasis perfectly placed within the urban area. 

1.) Castello Tour with Archaeological Museum Admission

History buffs, you’re going to love this tour! Here you will learn about the history of the politics and military in Cagliari. During the tour, you’ll also get a chance to visit the Archaeological Museum of Castello and see the Monte Prama Giants– the most ancient structures in the Mediterranean sea. 

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