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5 Best Must-Visit Eco-friendly Destinations+ Hotels

Travel has become more than just a pleasurable experience for tourists in the midst of an escalating environmental crisis. However, by vacationing at eco-friendly hotels, one can help to preserve mother nature even if it’s a small step.

Nature enthusiasts will have a fantastic one-of-a-kind experience at these spectacular eco-friendly hotels and destinations!

New Zealand

New Zealand, comprised of two islands with varied landscapes, ecosystems, and species, is at the forefront of ecotourism, allowing you to experience the islands’ unique and awe-inspiring natural treasures.

Where to stay: The Minaret Station Alpine Lodge is perfect for anyone who wants to go the extra carbon-free mile 


Switzerland tops the charts for being so sustainable and green. They have one of the world’s highest life expectancies, with both men and women living for more than 80 years on average. That says a lot about their environment as it is connected to good health. 

Where to stay: The Whitepod Eco-Luxury Hotel is the epitome of luxury and ecology. It is set among the stunning environment and wildlife, away from all the commotion; a great vacation to relieve all of your stress. Its one-of-a-kind pod architecture and breathtaking views will take your breath away.


Slovenia has earned a reputation for being on the cutting edge of sustainability, and this extends to its strong tourism economy. Slovenia is a perfect destination for sustainable tourism, as more and more people seek experiences that are sensitive to the surrounding environment and community.

Where to stay: Lavender Hill, Eko Resort & Wellness is definitely the place to be reassured that the place you’re staying respects the environment. Rated 9.5 by guests, it’s the perfect place to relax and enjoy the environment in Slovenia. 


Is it any surprise that Vietnam is such a popular tourist destination right now, with its sunny temperatures, rich culture, unique cuisine, and reasonable prices?

This country is more than just a lovely face; its protected national parks, spectacular coral reefs, and one of the world’s largest lagoons make it an eco-tourism gold mine.

Where to stay: Nothing is more ideal than staying at the cozy well-loved eco-friendly Hue Ecolodge 


Sweden is once again ranked first in the world for green living, as it was in 2020. People in the nation can benefit from landscapes that encourage physical activity and lead to a healthy lifestyle. Overall, the Scandinavian country’s residents have a high standard of living.

Where to stay: In the summer, you want to be outside as much as inside at Hotel Skeppsholmen, experiencing its best indulgences: the sea at your feet, peace in your mind, and the city all around you.

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