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LIST: Top 5 Best Family-Friendly Hotels Around The World 2022

As summer draws nearer and nearer a family vacation is much needed, yes? A family vacation involves creating special memories and having unforgettable experiences, and staying in top-rated hotels can only add to that.

Check out this list of the top accommodations for kids and parents across the world if you’re searching for a family-friendly trip. 

Beware: Prepare to get a serious case of wanderlust!

5.) West Edmonton Mall Inn- Canada 

Who knew there would be a hybrid of a mall AND an amusement park all in one place? The West Edmonton Mall and Galaxyland indoor amusement park are just across the street from this unique hotel. This establishment places a strong emphasis on having a good time. It’s the ideal setting for letting your inner child loose! 

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4.) LEGOLAND Hotel- Dubai 

Let’s admit it: any family holiday centered on one of the world’s most popular toys is certain to be a hit with everyone. A visit to the Legoland Hotel is sure to be entertaining, with themed suites suited for tiny pirates, ninjas, and treasure seekers— and there’s probably no better location to make a parent feel like a kid all over again.

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3.) Noah’s Ark Hotel & Resort- Singapore 

How about staying in a genuine ark as a hotel? Isn’t that incredible? This is a hotel that hands-down caters to families. It has its own theme park where kids can learn about nature, animals, and, of course, the famous Biblical story it’s named after, which provides a coastal hideaway near the seaside. 

The hotel also offers a variety of family and children’s staycation packages, as well as themed rooms such as Candy Party, Dinosaur Adventure World, Family Fun Night, and others.

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2.) Julian Club Hotel- Turkey 

When you just want a vacation where the kids feel like they’re in charge, and other times you just want to rest and unwind in the sun while sipping a nice drink. You can do both when you stay at the Julian Club Hotel! The kid’s club keeps the little ones occupied all day while their parents take advantage of the more adult-oriented facilities.

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1.)The Grand Moon Palace- Cancun, Mexico

The #1 spot goes to The Grand Moon Palace because it’s all-inclusive– a kid’s vacation dream come true! Food, drinks, activities, and entertainment are all included in the package, so you won’t have to pay more for them. 

This luxurious resort offers water sports as well as complimentary bicycle rentals and car rentals. Guests can participate in a variety of activities in the area, including golfing and cycling.

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