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5 Best Video Games To Play With Your Date

Playing video games is the best way to get to know your date and develop a sense of teamwork, yes? Gauge your compatibility with your date and break the ice with these awesome games. Here are the 5 best video games to play for a perfect date night! 

1. Don’t Starve Together 

If Tim Burton could be a video game, this would be it. There’s nothing more enjoyable for your first date than having to pit your wits against marauding creatures and surviving the dark night.

This is definitely one of the best co-op games that can start an exciting night of survival!

2. Stardew Valley 

This cozy game would lift all inhibitions towards first date jitters. Stardew Valley can take you and your date on a wild voyage through farm life escapism. Running your Grandfather’s farm in his hometown will undoubtedly bring two people closer than ever, don’t you think? 

3. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe 

Let’s face it, Mario Kart is an iconic game that needs no introduction. This is the perfect icebreaker for your date! What better way to combine two of the most exciting and captivating activities for any dating activity – racing and banter? 

4. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

You can let your date’s competitive side shine with this ultra-fun game! Find your date and yourself immersed in playing story mode or just battling it out one-on-one. Nothing is more fun than developing chemistry through battle games. 

5. Just Dance 

The chance to engage in a dance session is exactly what some stay-at-home dates need to get the energy up! With a phenomenal tracklist and a solid local co-op experience, Just Dance has to find its way into your rotation at least once. 

The Breakdown

Video games can add a new dimension to your stay-at-home date nights that are both fun and competitive! Are you in need of a Player 2? is the best online dating platform out there for your search for long-term love. This is definitely your sign to join now

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