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5 Coolest Must-Visit Art Installations 2022

Whatever the theme, the best art installations all have one thing in common: they have the power to make an impact. Each, in its own distinctive way, communicates a message to viewers and elicits strong emotion. 

The majority of them are permanent installations, although others are not assured to be there indefinitely. So, start looking for flights if you want to see them in person!

Prada Marfa | Valentine, TX

The Berlin-based artists Michael Elmgreen and Ingar Dragset created a storefront on the side of a lonely highway northwest of Marfa, Texas, to resemble fashion designer Miuccia Prada’s premium boutiques. The “pop architectural land art project” was made of adobe so that its slow, natural disintegration would become part of the work itself over time. 

Fun fact: Despite the fact that authentic Prada shoes, handbags, and clothes were initially displayed on the store’s interior shelves and displays, vandals broke in and stole its merchandise on opening night. The Prada Marfa has since been replenished with knockoffs.

Infinity Mirror Rooms- Tate Modern, London, UK 

Yayoi Kusama’s ‘Infinity Mirror Rooms’ is on display at Tate Modern, and it is widely regarded as having reinvented the function of immersion in modern art. The year-long exhibition will feature two of the artist’s famed mirror room installations, which use mirrors, light, and water to create the sense of infinite space.

Dinner Party- Brooklyn, New York 

The Dinner Party is a cornerstone in twentieth-century art and an essential icon of 1970s feminist art. Judy Chicago’s iconic art piece, ‘Dinner Party’ is a vast ceremonial dinner laid on a triangular table with thirty-nine place settings, each remembering a great woman in history. This art installation commemorates womanhood over the years and it’s definitely a must-visit if you want bone-chilling art.

“The Bean” Cloud Gate- Chicago, USA

The Bean has become a must-see attraction on any Chicago itinerary. The shiny surface of the Bean was inspired by liquid mercury. This gleaming facade reflects the park’s visitors, the lights of Michigan Avenue, and the surrounding skyline and green space, wonderfully embodying the Millennium Park experience. Take solid photographs with this iconic landmark and post them on Instagram!

Path of Emotions- Porquerolles, France

Path of Emotions, a maze of mirrors, is both striking and disturbing. The installation, designed by Jeppe Hein, is a permanent addition to Fondation Carmignac on Porquerolles Island. Viewers are presented with alternate vistas of the countryside as they explore the labyrinth of mirrors. The illusion that the landscape is moving while the horizon is stationary is part of the play on perspective. 

Final Thoughts

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