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5 Famous Movie Locations In The USA 2022

The United States is a sanctuary for filmmakers. Given that many of the country’s cities and landscapes have appeared in films throughout the years, it’s no surprise that the country can feel familiar to first-time visitors. So, whether you’re a film aficionado or a low-key movie critic, these renowned film locations are sure to impress! 

5.) Dead Poets Society (1989): Everett Theatre- Middletown, Delaware 

Does this place look familiar to you? It’s no other than the place where Dead Poets Society— a   coming-of-age melodrama featuring Robin Williams as an inspiring, unconventional teacher in a stodgy private boys’ school was filmed. It’s also where A Midsummer Night’s Dream was filmed, so that’s a plus! Up to this day,  films and theatrical performances are still held.

Where to stay: Carpe that Diem by staying at the Hampton Inn Middletown, which is only a mile away, and its outstanding ratings indicate that it is worth staying at.

4.) Gone Girl (2014): Cape Girardeau-  Missouri 

Cult-favorite Gone Girl is set in the made-up Missouri town of North Carthage and is based on Gillian Flynn’s best-selling 2012 novel about an unhinged marriage (we’re pretty sure you already knew that). Recreate iconic scenes of Amy and Nick Dunne near Cape Giradeau, the town that inspired the novel in the first place.

Where to stay: Drury Plaza Hotel is just 5 miles away from the places and it’s the perfect budget-friendly place to stay in. 

3.) Back To The Future (1985): Universal Studios Backlot – Courthouse Square, California 

This studio backlot depicts the quintessential American town, used in films like Back To The Future. You can visit the famous clock tower and square from the first two movies on the Backlot Tour. The building and square have been repurposed for other films, but it’s still very obvious if you’ve seen the movie more than once.

Where to stay: The Lexen Hotel is the perfect accommodation that’s just a mile away from the location. Plus, it’s near Universal Studios! 

2.) Moonrise Kingdom (2012): Rhode Island & Conanicut Island

You might have thought that Moonrise Kingdom was shot in New England but no, it’s actually at Rhode Island. You can have the chance to dress up as Sam or Suzy and recreate Sam and Suzy’s iconic runaway scenes. Conanicut Island Light, Suzy’s parents’ lighthouse (and a private residence in real life), is Summer’s End. Moonrise Kingdom cove, located in the harbor beneath Fort Wetherill, and Newport’s Trinity Church, which served as the film’s finale, are two more Rhode Island sites.

Where to stay: There are no nearby places in the area but Sonesta Select Newport Middletown is the nearest place to relax after a day’s worth of philandering in this amazing town.

1.) The Florida Project (2017): Magic Castle Inn & Suites- Kissimmee, Florida 

The gorgeous, compassionate, and vivid moments of The Florida Project were shot in a real, working motel! It’s also only 6 miles from Disneyland, much like in the movie, so you can have a great, action-packed road trip on this route. Orange World is also around the corner!

Where to stay: You certainly experience the whole movie by actually booking a night at the actual set here 

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