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5 Incredible Places To Explore In Switzerland

Switzerland is one of the most enchanting places on earth– Nature’s true masterpiece. This country is a haven for anybody looking for idyllic landscapes and sweepingly picture-perfect attractions you absolutely have to experience for yourself. 

Aside from the crisp Alpine air filling your lungs on your first step on this land, you would be astounded to find out the various attractions Switzerland has to offer. Let’s face it: It can be challenging to decide where to go, so this blog will help you break down the best things you can do when vacationing in Switzerland! 

5.) St. Gallen 

With its centuries-old houses, car-free and snow-covered streets, and a lively atmosphere oozing festive fervor, the old town provides beautiful scenery!

Must-visit places include Abbey Library of Saint Gall which houses some 170,000 documents – in part hand-written and over a thousand years old. Not to mention the St. Gallen Cathedral, a Baroque- descent relic adjacent to the UNESCO World Heritage site. 

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4.) Grindelwald

Ah, yes, Grindelwald. This reputable name is familiar to a Harry Potter or a Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them fan, and even simply a nature lover ready to explore Switzerland. You’re definitely in for a treat at this gorgeous scenic village. It’s one of the most photographed places in Switzerland and it offers a big variety of outdoor activities and also shopping! 

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3.) Lake Geneva 

Lake Geneva is a go-to place for tourists traveling with their families for it has a plethora of fun activities from ziplines to waterparks amidst its serene ambiance. A highlight of a visit to Geneva is a chance to see the iconic Jet d’Eau, an enormous fountain seen from the Lac Léman waterfront that spews water high into the air.

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2.) Rhein Falls 

Breathtaking and ephemeral, it’s no wonder Rhein Falls– Europe’s most powerful waterfall has been perpetually visited by tourists despite seasons changing. Every August, the falls host a spectacular firework display that attracts visitors from around the country as part of Switzerland’s National Day celebrations.

1.) Zürich

Magnificence at its best, Zurich is ranked as one of the best cities to live in the world! You will be welcomed with luxury shops, fairytale castles, and scenic views. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can avail yourself of tickets to have a Lucerne and Engleberg tour here and get to experience the authentic Alpine village firsthand! 

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You are now equipped and ready to explore Switzerland like a local.

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