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5 Incredibly Underrated Oddities To Explore In Amsterdam

Amsterdam– the embodiment of modern art, incredible architecture, and vibrant nightlife. Your chances of experiencing an adventure of a lifetime are endless when you’re in the heart of the Netherlands. Whenever you visit Amsterdam, there’s always a unique nook to be fascinated with. Take down some notes and write down these lesser-known yet cool places to visit on your trip! 

5.) The Maker Store

Address: Hannie Dankbaarpassage 39, 1053 RT

If you’re one of those stationery heads who love to collect unique pieces, then this is the perfect place for you! You will be welcomed with a plethora of original hand-crafted art prints, sculptures, and stickers made by independent local artists. Bring home a hard-to-come-by work of art and make it a conversational piece! 

4.) Hidden Miniature Houses- Westerstraat 

Head to No.54 Westerstraat and take a closer look at the tiny houses that nestle in the crevices of houses number 54 and 70 Westerstraat. These tiny homes add a sense of wonder and whimsy to the neighborhood– definitely worth the visit!

3.) The Secret Library 

Location: Museumpromenade 1, 1071 DJ

Cuyper’s Library is a prodigy in the making in Amsterdam and for a great reason– it’s a secret library in Rijksmuseum. This fantastic otherworldy library houses books, journals, and periodicals that pique historians and bookworms all over the world alike. Don’t forget to snap some photos to take home! 

You can book admission to the Rijksmuseum here and skip the tediously long lines! 

2.) NEMO Science Museum 

This is a slice of heaven for those who want to explore vibrant hands-on science experiments and over 100 games. You’ll be given the opportunity to participate in actual scientific principles for yourself. Relax and unwind after a day of discovery at the top roof and enjoy the idyllic scenery. 

Book an admission here 

1.) The Fault In Our Stars Filming Locations

If you’re a Tumblr user from 2015, you’re definitely whipped by John Green’s most famous book and you can probably recite Augustus’ letter on a whim. At some point, you’ve also memorized quotes and scribbled “Okay? Okay.” all on every surface you could find. You can visit all of these and do a filming location tour here in Amsterdam! 

Take a pic of where Augustus and Hazel Grace sat down!

Address: Leidsegracht 2, Canal District

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