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LIST: 5 Major Clues That Your Marriage Is Falling Apart 

Feeling like there’s something “off” in your relationship? Recognize the early signs that your marriage is failing and decide whether to repair it or end it. Here are some of the major signs you should carefully watch out for: 

Clue #1: You don’t share your innermost feelings with them 

A good, healthy relationship includes enough comfort, reassurance, and assistance from each other that nothing is held back. When you can’t be vulnerable with them anymore, then it’s a sign that trust is no longer present in the relationship.

Clue #2: You feel lonely when you’re together 

Loneliness is a complex feeling. But there is definitely something wrong with the relationship if you feel insecure and unsupported. This is common when a couple has lost their emotional connection. 

Clue #3: You don’t see eye-to-eye anymore

Are you having a hard time agreeing with them? It’s normal to disagree but when your partner can’t seem to stop, sit down talk it out and meet halfway. But if it persists, you decide what’s best for the relationship. 

Clue #4: You bring each other down 

Couples can throw each other down for a variety of reasons — envy, co-dependence, fear of abandonment — and it’s definitely not a healthy way to be. 

If that’s the scenario, you can try to discuss it. However, if neither of you is willing to change your behaviors, it may be time to part ways.

Clue #5: You think of having an escape plan 

Do you have a well-thought-out escape strategy in mind? There’s a reason for this. If your subconscious appears to be sending you strong signals that it’s time to leave, consider putting your plan into action. Ashley Madison is a grey area in dipping your toes into the dating world with like-minded people. It is entirely within your power to choose a better relationship. After all, it’s all about perspective. 

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