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5 Most Peculiar Attractions In The World

Thirsting for surprise and unconventionality? Some of these out-of-the-way locations are so strange that you can’t help but want to see them out of sheer curiosity. Whether you’re a horror enthusiast or not, these unusual locations will undoubtedly take you by surprise. 

Island of Dolls- Mexico

This infamous place is notorious for being visited by several horror TV shows and made popular by Buzzfeed Unsolved. Some maintain suspicions that the island is haunted by souls because alleged ghost hunters captured dolls moving in night vision cameras. While the island was never intended to be a tourist attraction, the island’s creepiness has drawn so many visitors that it is now open for tours on weekends. 

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World’s Largest Chest For Drawers- North Carolina 

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Standing 36 ft. high, this fanciful Victorian dresser-shaped edifice appears absurd to be true but it’s genuinely a tourist attraction being visited by people all over the world. Its grandeur has been featured by several shows including MTV and documentaries. 

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CupNoodles Museum- Japan

Momofuku Ando Museum is an unusual exhibit dedicated to the Taiwanese-Japanese inventor and food developer. This interactive museum is intended to arouse each child’s creativity and interest while also providing a comprehensive educational experience.

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Upside-down House- Brighton 

The Upside Down House, the UK’s only topsy-turvy attraction, is a mix of street art and interactive entertainment that’s entertaining for the whole family. Capture the most surreal photos from an inverted perspective! 

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The Paper House- Massachusetts 

The Paper House appears typical from the outside, but everything changes once you go inside. Aside from the timber framework, floor, and roof, the house is almost entirely constructed of newspaper! 

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