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5 Must-Visit Lady Bird Filming Locations + Where To Stay! 

Critically acclaimed Lady Bird (99% fresh rate on Rotten Tomatoes) has been a well-loved heartwarming, yet poignant coming-of-age A24 film that is still iconic to this day.

According to the director, Greta Gerwig, Lady Bird is a love letter to Sacramento to which countless teenage girls have related during their edgy teenage rebellion years.  

As the film progresses, Lady Bird learns to appreciate Sacramento’s unparalleled charms and to resolve this love-hate relationship with her hometown. This travel guide will undoubtedly offer you first dibs on the city’s potential for unforgettable stops as seen in Lady Bird.

Here are the 5 most memorable ones in the film: 

5.) St. Elizabeth of Hungary Parish

Location: 1879 N Lake Ave, Altadena, CA 91001, USA

We’re starting off strong with the actual intro of the whole movie being in a church where Lady Bird is being introduced after the whole throwing out of the car fiasco. 

Fun fact: This is also the same street where some of the parts of Spider-Man 3 has been filmed! 

4.) The Blue House

Location: 1224 44th St, Sacramento, CA 95819, USA

This house is truly an Instagram-worthy spot, don’t you think? Lady Bird’s favorite blue house which she frames as idyllic is an actual house in the Fabulous Forties neighborhood. 

3.) Sacramento Bridge

Location: 6000 J St, Sacramento, CA 95819, USA

Sacramento’s most prominent landmark has also been utilized to shoot multiples scenes in Lady Bird’s iconic scenes: the scene where she threw herself off the car and the heart-touching post-prom scene with her very best friend.

2.) Thrift Town

Location: 410 El Camino Ave, Sacramento, CA 95815, USA

This is the thrift store where Lady Bird and her Mom took a halt on their ongoing war to pick her Thanksgiving outfit and the perfect prom dress. You and your bestie can even shop for clothes in this thrift store and have pleasant memories attached to your purchases forever. 

1.) New Helvetica Coffee

Location: 1019 El Centro St, South Pasadena, CA 91030, USA

This cafe is actually called Kaldi Coffee & Tea and this setting is where Kyle (Timothée Chalamet) and Lady Bird first met. Treat yourself to a coffee and have the chance to recreate that very scene here!

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Final Thoughts 

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