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5 Fool-Proof Romantic Ways To Confess To Your Crush

There are no incorrect moves when it comes to confessing, but it’s necessary to establish a high standard for your crush, right? These romantic gestures will ensure that the memory of the revelation lasts for years to come.

Here are some creative methods to tell your crush you like them!  

Tip #1: Bring them somewhere beautiful and comfortable 

You can bring them to a place where you both first met and tell them how it means so much that you’ve crossed paths. The time of day depends on your liking but preferably, you can tell them how you feel when the tangerine skies of the setting sun soften your moment. A little special song playing in the background can also set the mood. 

Tip #2: Confess your love in a concert

This heart-fluttering gesture is unquestionably beautiful, especially if both of you attend a concert by an artist in whom you both have an interest. Consider the following scenario: your favorite song comes on, both of you are singing along, and then you both look into each other’s eyes, and you just know it was mutual. 

Tip #3: Sing your feelings out

When words fail, music speaks. You can subtly indicate your interest in them through music. You can do it in a variety of contexts, such as casually singing through acoustic guitar or, even better, through karaoke. Choose your tracks carefully! Pick the ones that represent your relationship and how you feel about them. Sing your heart out until they can tell. Don’t forget to pay attention to their body language and reactions!

Tip #4: Make them a Spotify playlist 

Could it get any more romantic than this? This demonstrates your thoughtfulness. This means you see hints of them in the music you listen to, and it’s a charming way of saying that all the love songs make meaning to you now because of them.

Tip #5: Say it through food

Get creative and spell out that you like them either through a “sweet” cake or through a “cheesy” pizza. If it all ends well, at least you get to eat some delicious food. 


Now you know some romantic ways how to tell your crush you like them. It takes a lot of courage to confess to someone. If things won’t work out, well there’s still plenty of fish in the sea. It’s difficult to find your ideal partner nowadays but thankfully, makes it ten times easier. Go get them, tiger! 

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