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5 Things Tourists MUST Do In Paris 2022

Paris is a magnificent city to visit, and there are several things tourists should do while visiting.  Simply follow these principles to maximize your chances of having a fantastic time in what has lately been crowned the world’s most elegant city!

Peruse at flea markets, bookstores, and perfumeries 

Souvenir shops can be overpriced, let’s be real. However, there’s nothing wrong with browsing souvenir shops geared for travelers, whether for convenience or to find a perfectly-recognized piece of Parisian memorabilia.

If you’re shopping for souvenirs or goods to remind you of your wonderful trip to Paris, don’t spend all of your time at these stores, instead shop like a local.

Check out fresh food markets or patisseries

Avoid tourist-heavy neighborhoods and their restaurants because chances are, you might be served with overpriced food and drinks that are unpalatable that target tourists. Instead, try new and local food that encapsulates the French culture. You may even save a great amount of money!

Use French phrases of politeness

Because Paris is teeming with tourists, it’s simple to irritate locals who are fed up with the crowds. So remember to be kind when talking with waitstaff, street vendors, or even just passing folks on the metro. 

Avoid being labeled as an irritating, impolite tourist by greeting others politely with expressions like pardon (sorry), bonjour (hello), au revoir (goodbye), and merci (thank you).

Walk around Paris and avoid tours 

Along the river and in the small streets, go anywhere you want, whenever you want, and however you want.

You’ll always find something interesting to view, whether it’s an interesting building, a café, or a good restaurant… and you’ll be surrounded by locals rather than other visitors!

Stay at the outskirts of the city 

Staying on the outskirts of a city and using local transportation into the metropolis is a piece of typical advice for saving money when traveling. Hotels and hostels in Paris are pricey, but there are still amazing offers to be discovered throughout the city. 

To choose a place to stay in Paris, use and attempt to stay near a metro station for easy access around the city.

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