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5 Things All Travelers Must Always Do At A Hotel Room

Arriving in your hotel room after a long day of travel is one of the best experiences. It’s time to unpack your belongings, slip into a robe, and unwind. Isn’t it time to make a drink, grab the remote, or put on your swimsuit and head to the pool? WAIT! There are a few things you should check in your new accommodations before you start enjoying your holiday time. 

These basic precautions will help you avoid being unwell and keep you safe in your new hotel room. When checking into a hotel room, here are the top ten things that every traveler should do.

5.) Make sure your door locks 

Hotel doors can malfunction, leaving the door totally unsecured and your personal belongings vulnerable to theft. It can also make you vulnerable to someone breaking into your room while you sleep.

Go outside WITH your room key to check your hotel room door locks so you don’t get locked out.

4.) Check for bed bugs

Bed bugs can spread through clothing and personal objects, so check the bed before you unpack! Examine the carpets, mattresses, and towels in the bathroom. They’re hard to extract from clothing and suitcases, and they’re certainly not a good way to begin a vacation.

If you come across something. Gather your belongings and proceed to the front desk to report the issue.

3.) Always wash hotel room glasses 

Whilst the cleaning crew keeps hotels clean, they might be an off chance that they will miss washing the cups. It’s always better to be safe than sorry! The coffee maker is in the same boat. If you’re going to drink from it, make sure it’s clean first.

2.) Check out the emergency escape plan

Your safety is the most important thing of all when traveling. The evacuation plan should be posted on the wall or shown prominently, so take a moment to review it and familiarize yourself with it. That way, if something unexpected occurs, you’ll know exactly what to do, where to go, and how to continue.

1.) Make sure the minibar is stocked 

Even if you didn’t take something, you could be charged for it if it goes missing. If you discover that a few things are missing, simply phone the front desk and inform them. They’ll make a note of it and make sure it doesn’t show up on your bill.

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