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Dating 101: 5 Unique Signs Your Date Is A Keeper

It’s critical in dating to keep an eye on your date and notice red signals to avoid wasting time, right? Being practical in this day and age to the right people is a must. Your thoughts can become obscured when you’re attracted to someone. 

There are frequent hints, such as you being yourself while you’re with them, wanting to present them to your parents, and so forth. But what about those out-of-the-ordinary signs? This list will undoubtedly assist you in predicting what will occur if you enter into a relationship with that someone.

Sign #1: You have the same definition of what love is 

Is love to them a feeling or a choice? You have to know if both of you are in the same boat when you’re in a relationship. With this, you’ll have the same expectations if the relationship is pursued. In the long run, knowing this will save you from arguments. 

Sign #2: They are kind to people in general 

It’s a green flag when a person is kind to everyone and not just you. It means that they’re genuinely kind-hearted and are not just placing their best foot forward when dating you. They will continuously be the person you knew when dating right until you form a relationship. 

Sign #3: They have a good value system 

No one wants to be with a person with questionable values because that really speaks about their character. It’s the bare minimum to know if the person you’re dating has morality. 

Sign #4: You have the same humor as them 

It’s easier to understand and connect with the person when you share what makes you guffaw. It shows you that you two have the same wavelength however, there are couples that are polar opposites but found a way to be like a well-oiled machine. 

So, if you’re really into the person all you have to take into consideration is how to make them happy. 

Sign #5: They are good-tempered

Would you want to be with a person who could burst out of anger in public? Of course, you don’t. Anger issues aren’t to be solved with another person involved– they should be addressed with themselves only. 

So, if they’re good-tempered it’s a tree with a lot of stems, they’re not only patient, but they’re also easy to get along, especially during inevitable arguments. 


Entering the dating game can be intimidating, but with the proper time and effort, you will undoubtedly find the ideal one for you. While the pandemic continues, dating appears to be on the ice, but with online dating sites like, finding love isn’t going away anytime soon. Only the greatest algorithm on any dating platform can help you find the ideal one for you.

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