DJI Mini 2: The Best Cinematic Beginner Drone 2022

Have you ever desired you could reach your dream shots but didn’t know where to start? You’ve done your homework on the best general drone, but you appear to be at crossroads as to which brand to start with. Here are some of the reasons why the DJI Mini 2 is an excellent pick for someone just getting started in the drone universe:

Reason #1: It’s ultra lightweight 

The DJI Mini 2 is the golden standard in attaining the fun breezy on-the-go lifestyle of a filmmaker. It’s light as a feather and foldable–  just perfect to pack in your everyday carry-on! 

Reason #2: Most advanced pro-grade camera quality 

There’s a reason why the DJI Mini 2 is hyped around the world. With its superior ultra-clear 4K/30 fps video, you’ll never miss any opportunity to capture every stunning cinematic scene. Make the most of your travels with this compact beast of a drone! 

Reason #3: Battery life of a beast 

Despite its tiny size, its battery life won’t ever be compromised. Go up to 31 minutes of flight time– just the perfect amount of time to get that shot! 

Reason #4: Wind resistant despite its size 

With the DJI Mini 2, you’ll never have to worry about the wind ruining your shots again because it can withstand gusts of up to 38kph and take off at a maximum height of 4,000 meters! Saying that it’s an incredible leap for drone technology is truly an understatement.  

Reason #5: It produces the smoothest footage 

Its 3-axis motorized gimbal is definitely essential when choosing the drone of your dreams. You will have the confidence to shoot dynamic clips that are clear and stable. It’s definitely the easiest drone in the market to control. 

Plus, with its advanced Smart Return to Home, automatic takeoff, and precise hovering features, the operation is more streamlined and safer than ever.


Finding the right drone is a considerable investment and the DJI Mini 2 is without a doubt the dream drone filmmakers and drone enthusiasts are looking for. If you’re looking for the best drone in the market, this is it.

Get your hands on the DJI Mini 2 here

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