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Top 5 Best Cities For Coffee Lovers 2022

Coffee is possibly the world’s most popular beverage. As a caffeine aficionado, you should definitely consider visiting places with strong coffee culture. If you’re planning a vacation and want to go somewhere other than your regular destination, you’ve come to the right place.

Here is a list of the top 5 cities where you can find the best coffee in the world in 2022:

5.) Egg Coffee- Hanoi, Vietnam 

Ca phe trung is a Vietnamese delicacy composed of beaten egg yolk, condensed milk, and espresso. Some people even add sugar to it. 

While the combination may sound strange, the flavor is extremely excellent. It also appears to be foamy and creamy. When milk was in short supply, eggs were utilized as a substitute.

4.) Arabica Coffee- Colombia 

Colombia is regarded as a coffee behemoth, accounting for 15% of global coffee production. Colombia produces high-quality Arabica that is well-known around the world. Arabica coffee is renowned for its rich and velvety flavor– a definite must-have for coffee lovers. 

3.) Chiang Mai, Thailand 

Thailand is well-known for producing some of the best coffee in the world. Coffee shops may be found around every corner, and the coffee is of the highest quality. Chiang Mai, however, out of all the coffee cities in Thailand, does it best. Café galleries, bookseller cafés, live music cafés–  it’s a coffee lover’s delight. Check this article about the trendiest places to visit in the heart of Bangkok!

2.) Cafe Cubano- Havana, Cuba

Coffee farms in eastern Cuba’s Sierra Maestre Mountains produce some of the world’s best Arabica, so if you need another incentive to visit Havana before it becomes overwhelmed with international tourists, go for the coffee.

1.) Kopi Luwak- Java, Indonesia

This cup of “cat poop” coffee has been featured by a well-known Morgan Freeman film, The Bucketlist (2007), and is renowned by many coffee experts to be the best brew in the world. It’s not just hype but it’s true to its title. Coffee enthusiasts must absolutely try this at least once! 

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