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Top 5 Best Destinations For Tech Lovers 

Are you seeking out cities where tech takes center stage? Why schedule a beach holiday if water isn’t your element? Plan a geek pilgrimage to one of the top five global technology attractions instead! 

Silicon Valley, U.S.A

California’s Silicon Valley, home to some of the world’s most well-known high-tech businesses, gave birth to inventions such as the microcomputer, microprocessor, integrated circuits, and others. You can visit the Computer History Museum, the Tech Museum of Innovation, and many more. 

Tech enthusiasts congregate and salivate at the offices and corporate campuses of businesses like Facebook, Netflix, Twitter, Microsoft, eBay, Intel, and others.

The Centre for Computing History – Cambridge, UK 

Do you have a thing for vintage computers and retro game consoles? If so, you’ll undoubtedly love perusing a massive collection of such here!

Also, if you want to mingle with other people who like vintage computers overnight, the museum also hosts unique events like a retro gaming lock-in where you can play on a variety of ancient systems ranging from the original Nintendo Entertainment System to the system used in the Zelda franchise.

Akihabara District- Tokyo, Japan 

This Tokyo area, known as the Tech Capital of the World, is one of the most fascinating tech destinations on the planet. If you want to stock up on the latest gadgets from the myriad electronics retailers, this is the place to be. 

Everywhere you turn in Akihabara, you’ll find massive, high-tech game halls. These facilities house a staggering quantity of games from virtually every genre. You’ll be able to enjoy both new releases and vintage classics.

Shenzhen, China 

This is the Silicon Valley of China and has also claimed the title “world’s hardware capital” Many tourists flock here to buy advanced tech products. Smartphones, TVs, drones, and hard drives can all be obtained at amazing bargain prices in places like the Huaqiangbei shopping district. 

Seoul, South Korea

South Korea is one of the smartest cities in the world– it’s home to superb fast mobile communications technologies, cutting-edge consumer electronics, and cutting-edge information technology, you name it. It’s the republic is a global innovator thanks to its huge enterprises. 

Even the Incheon International Airport is a technological innovator, with services and facilities to make even the most jet-lagged passenger enjoy their layover. The Yongsan Electronics Market, Robot Museum, and Samsung D’Light Museum are all must-see destinations for the ultimate tech experience in Seoul.

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