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Best Hidden & Useful Features In Samsung Galaxy Phones 2021

Samsung makes the best smartphones in the world. Many power users laud Android’s ability to be highly integrated and customizable to your interests. Samsung smartphones appear to have limitless capabilities. Do you want to learn more about the mysteries that your amazing device holds?

Let’s dive right in! Here are the best secret features you might not know about your Samsung!

  1. Separate Application Sounds 

When you’re blaring your favorite Spotify on your Bluetooth speakers and you get a call, it kills the whole ambiance of rocking to it. Such a bummer, right? 

Samsung offers a solution for this because it is possible to separate sound, i.e., play one sound through one output and the rest through another. There is an option for this setting in the “separate application noises” section of the sound and vibration settings.

  1. Split Screen View

It’s now possible to use two apps at the same time with your Samsung phone! To enjoy multitasking all you have to do is to simply open the “Recent Apps” view by either swiping up or press the horizontal three-line icon and then select “Open in split-screen view” and then voila!  It’s also worth noting that split-screen isn’t supported by all apps, but it’s still a great tool to have.

  1. You Can View Unsent Messages

Ever wonder what your friend has unsent in your conversation? This is probably the sneakiest hack of all. In OneUI 3.0, you may enable Notice History so that you can go back and look at what they’ve sent you. The option is present under Settings > Notifications > Advanced Settings > Notification History. Notification bubbles can also be turned on from the same menu.

  1. Hide Apps 

Apps can be hidden from the app drawer in the new Samsung One UI. So, if you need to keep particular apps private, you can hide them from your App drawer and from your home screen. You can still use app search or universal search to find them, which is great. 

  1. Recovering Deleted Messages 

It’s common knowledge that after you’ve deleted your SMS messages, they’re gone for good. This can be inconvenient, especially if you’ve deleted a crucial SMS message by accident. To get your messages back, open your Message app and tap the three vertical periods > Trash. Your deleted messages will appear there. Another cool aspect is that it will be permanently removed after 30 days.

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