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Best Hiking Destinations Everyone Should Visit At Least Once

Some people appreciate hiking because they enjoy spending time in nature. Others seek the rush of adrenaline and the physical challenge of a high ridge. Hiking is such a diverse pastime, don’t you think?

But, no matter the trail or the hiker, it’s all about connecting with nature. Seasoned hikers to nature lovers would certainly fall in love with these breath-taking hiking trails. If you’re planning on your next hiking trip, consider these–  most amazing hiking destinations you can ever find! 

Fitz Roy– Patagonia, Argentina

Hands down the most beautiful hiking trail in Patagonia, Argentina!

The breathtaking vista of the mountain competes with panoramic views of massive glaciers spanning the harsh terrain. The strange glacier peaks meet forests, lagoons, and valleys, all thanks to the South Patagonian Ice Field’s dynamic and ever-shifting topography.

Stay at Los Cerros del Chaltén Boutique Hotel, an exquisite hotel nearest to the destination.

Yosemite National Park– California, USA

The peak of this conical mountain carries significant value for Buddhists, Hindus, Muslims, and Christians, and it also provides some of the best views on the island, especially at daybreak.

Not to mention the abundance of local delicacies – think coconut and chicken curry and poppadoms with mango chutney. The night before, stay at Yosemite RV Resort, for a comfortable start before the long trek.

Kalaw, Myanmar

Imagine yourself basking in the crisp ambiance of apricot skies and the breathtaking silhouette of local fishermen. The hospitality of the people has to be the undisputed highlight of this entire experience.

Most organized treks include overnight stays in village homestays, but you can stay at Kalaw Vista B&B before you leave.

Inca Trail, Peru

It is well worth the time and money to trek the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu. The trek is regarded as one of the world’s finest adventures. There are few spots where you may walk across breathtaking scenery while passing 500-year-old archeological relics. Staying at Torre Dorada Cusco is a good place to start.

Bay of Fires- Tasmania, Australia

Take a look at that otherworldly view. The Bay of Fires is distinguished by white beaches, blue water, and massive granite slabs colored blazing orange by lichens of the Hymeneliaceae family.

Aside from trekking, you may also wander on pure white beaches, interact with local wildlife, and swim in the stunning Tasman Sea.

This is definitely the place if you need your soul rejuvenated. Sweetwater Villas can provide excellent lodging near the area.

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