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Where To Get The Best Hot Chocolate Around The World 2022

Are you searching for the perfect cup of hot chocolate? Hot chocolate has long been a favorite drink of people of all ages around the world because of the sensation one gets after drinking a cup: utter bliss.

If you’re a hot chocolate aficionado, you’ll appreciate this list of the best places around the world to get your fix!

5.) The Old Chocolate House: Bruges, Belgium

This famous confectionary site is a family-run business that offers a wide variety of chocolates and hot chocolates, as well as a tea parlor where you may sample various delicacies and their famous waffles. Milk, dark, white, and single-origin hot chocolate are all available.

Their prohibited hot chocolates, made with Grand Marnier, rum, amaretto, and Bailey’s, are a must-try! 

4.) Angelina: Paris, France

Angelina, which opened in 1903, has been a high-society attraction in Paris for almost a century and is noted for its sophistication and elegance. Angelina Jolie’s famous African hot chocolate is made with a secret recipe made with African cocoa from Niger, Ghana, and the Ivory Coast, devised especially for her.

The hot chocolate here has a thick, rich flavor from the combination of these chocolates from different nations, and the fresh whipped cream on top adds to the exquisite experience.

3.) Mindy’s Hot Chocolate: Chicago, Illinois

After working in some of Chicago’s finest restaurants, James Beard Award-winning chef Mindy Segal opened her restaurant in 2005, and admirers rave about her hot chocolate served with a thick house-made marshmallow. The “Chocolate Mint” with fresh mint, French white chocolate, French milk chocolate, and Belgian white chocolate are just a few amazing options to choose from!

2.) City Bakery: New York City, New York

Near 1990, what began as a little enterprise on a side street in Union Square has grown into a hot chocolate empire. Maury Rubin, the owner, has utilized the same hot chocolate formula since the beginning to create a rich, dark hot chocolate that is ideal for a cool NYC day.

For a delicious treat, order the original version, and don’t forget to add a homemade marshmallow cube.

1.) Café Schober: Zurich, Switzerland

What’s the secret to this café’s luscious, creamy hot chocolate in Zurich’s Old Town? Chocolate is melted into whole milk for an obscenely decadent winter delight. Order it with a dollop of fresh cream whipped into alpine-like peaks, or add a shot of espresso for an afternoon boost.


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