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Retro Hotels That Are Too Good To Be True! 

5.) The Williamsburg Hotel 

Nestled in the hippest neighborhood of Brooklyn resides the opulent mid-century modern hotel that’s being raved by tourists all over the world. Spacious guestrooms overlook the tangerine skyline of Manhattan, luxe furniture with organic streamlined forms and well-lit brass light fixtures are scattered throughout the vicinity. 

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4.) The Colony Hotel 

Caressed with pastels and ornate foliage, this retro paradise is not only a slice of heaven but is conveniently located near Palm Beach which you can literally walk to in just 2-minutes! Nothing can convince you otherwise that this place is accidentally Wes Anderson. Most tourists look forward to the amenities offered by hotels but it’s the atmosphere and vibe of this hotel that keeps making them come back. 

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3.) The Virginian Lodge

The moment you set eyes on this fabulously well-manicured hotel, you’d immediately be transported back to the ’70s. Eclectic bespoke furniture is scattered around the spacious courtyard where you can take a breather and enjoy more than what you pay for. If you’re looking for a rustic, yet budget-friendly place to unwind, this hotel is waving at you! 

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2.) Graduate Nashville 

Looking for a place to crash in Nashville? At Graduate Hotel, they provide a truly unique and memorable experience. The retro-inspired rooms allow you to reconnect with the past while offering the modern amenities you need for rest and relaxation. Graduate Nashville is an original retro-inspired hotel offering the best in comfort, style, and affordability.

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1.) The Dive Motel and Swim Club 

The Dive Motel and Swim Club is one of the most well-decorated and comfortable hotels for any traveler. The property offers clean rooms and friendly staff. The location is very convenient in a hip, urban neighborhood with an eclectic mix of businesses and restaurants nearby.

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