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Best Staycation Ideas 2022

Feeling caged up yet unable or unable to take a full-fledged holiday? Enter the staycation world, which provides a pleasant change from routine without requiring a long trip away from home.

But do you know where to go? Here are excellent choices for individuals who need a break but are unable to get away. Make your staycation unforgettable with these genius ideas! 

1. Hotel Staycation 

If you want to be pampered, you can spend the day in an upscale hotel or resort. Few things beat sleeping on a comfortable hotel bed that someone else has to make in the morning, or ordering room service or a late-night drink from the hotel bar.

Here’s a solid guide on how to book the best but cheap staycation hotels just for you!

2. Get Outdoorsy

On your staycation, you can have a picnic at the state park, go bask in the salty ambiance of the beach or take on a more challenging mountain hike.

Other outdoor staycation ideas include renting a canoe or kayak, going on a scenic bike ride, or even going camping under the stars. 

3. Visit An Amusement Park 

Staycation ideas must include some thrills for thrill-seekers. Try to win a stuffed animal, play competitively in arcade games, ride the attractions and view the sights while remaining primarily outside. This guide would certainly help you survive a day in an amusement park! 

4. Play Games 

Hosting a game competition is a fantastic idea for a fun staycation! There are a plethora of wonderful games available right now that are ideal for couples, groups, and families.

You have the option of playing traditional card games like UNO or video games like Mario Kart; the choice is yours!

5. Explore A New City 

Exploring a new city, whether with your besties or just a solo trip, is always enjoyable and thrilling! Are you ready to begin your adventure? Thanks to, you can search for hotel deals in your favorite staycation spot. 

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