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Best Budget-Friendly Places To Visit In Costa Rica! 2022

If you want to travel more while spending less, your most important decision is where to go and Costa Rica ticks all the boxes! With incredible beaches and pristine sapphire-blue waters, this beautiful country is a popular tourist destination loved by all, especially on a fixed budget! 

Here are the top 5 budget-friendly, yet worthy places to visit in Costa Rica! 

5.) Playa Manuel Antonio

 This beach is only about a 30-minute drive from San Jose. It’s one of the most popular beaches in all of Costa Rica, and it has a nudist section (optional, of course!). Make sure to bring your bug spray and sunscreen with you because there are plenty of insects around and no trees for shade. Here are some of the best beaches in Costa Rica to visit

4.) Cahuita 

Tucked around the sprawling book of the south Caribbean coast, boasts a warm and cozy tropical paradise laid-back travelers would absolutely adore. This quaint beach community also has the most visited national park in which you can learn more about Costa Rica’s flora and fauna! 

Where to stay: Everything feels right when staying at Passion Fruit Lodge thanks to its serene tropical garden and pristine rooms. 

3.) Puerto Viejo 

This small town is one of those places that you don’t intend to stay for a long period of time, but end up overstaying because of its niche roadside cafes, authentic raw chocolates and even spotting wildlife like sloths & monkeys! 

Where to stay: Casa Maobi is the best place to stay if you’re on a budget and yet you crave for the natural atmosphere. 

2.) National Theatre

Costa Ricans take pride in the National Theater, which is considered to be the most magnificent building in San José. In the 1890s, the ruling coffee barons voted for a tax on coffee exports in order to fund the construction of the theater, and European artisans were imported to design the building.

1.) Join the Free San Jose Walking Tour 

Learn more about the rich culture and Costa Rica on an actual free tour which departs at 9 am and discover unique facts and secret places in the downtown area like a local would! 


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