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Can You Trust Knox Asset Intelligence?

Knox Asset Intelligence

Every Samsung user knows that smartphones with Knox security are designed from the ground up to isolate, encrypt, and secure your data– including secret files, credit card transactions, passwords, and health information, so you can protect everything you value.

But what exactly is Knox Asset Intelligence? It’s a fantastic tool for business owners, especially in the IT field, where private data must be extremely secure.

With data-driven intelligence, it is utilized to improve the administration, productivity, and lifecycle of your business equipment. Samsung provides your team with actionable insights based on rich and accurate data points and analytics, all of which are accessible via a cloud portal.

Here are the best key features of Knox Asset Intelligence: 

Intelligent device battery management

  • It evaluates and displays battery health status based on the exact number of battery charging cycles and global customer service requirements.
  • See reports of unusual power depletion occurrences, which are normally accessible only to app developers or on the device. Everything is gathered on your console.

Deep insights into app usage

  • You can improve the stability of your business app. View periodic reports of unusual app behavior that are neatly grouped for IT admin viewing. By installing an app, you may easily capture all on-device data. There is no requirement for any additional app wrapping or development work.

Asset location and connectivity

  • With Samsung’s unique network analytics algorithms – recorded and presented on your console — you can investigate irregular WiFi disconnections.

So, don’t be concerned about your data. It unquestionably safeguards your company and personal privacy from a single device, eliminating the need for third-party IT security.  You can be assured that with Samsung Knox Asset Intelligence, your privacy is secure.

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