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5 Best Budget-Friendly Attractions To Visit In Kauai 2022

If you’re on the lookout for a budget-friendly vacation without compromising the experience, Well, look no further because Kauai is the place for you! 

This lush Hawaiin island is a breathtaking place that’s popular amongst young tourists. Kauai is everything young adults look for in an unforgettable summer getaway– scenic sapphire-blue waters, idyllic lookouts, and the best hiking spots in the entire world.

Discover the best low-cost attractions and activities you should never miss out on when exploring Kauai: 

5.) Hike Kalalau Trail     

For adventurous and nature-loving spirits, hiking is definitely one of the best activities you can do when you’re in a spectacular place for a scenic walk. Fill your lungs with the crisp fresh air and take in the sheer beauty of nature as you make your way into the rugged trails you’ll never forget! 

4.) Take a dip at Anini Beach

Anini Beach has been renowned for its longest fringing reefs and safe calm waters– perfect for when you just want to bask under the sun and read a book. It’s a popular spot for when you want to relax in your tent and simply go on a beach stroll by the sand. 

3.) Check out Wailua Falls 

Take in the idyllic views of the splendor of Mother Nature! The legendary Wailua Falls was seen on the 70’s TV show Fantasy Island and it’s definitely one of the most famous places to visit in Kauai because of the spectacular views and the hiking opportunities it brings.

2.) Take Insta-worthy photos at the Spouting Horn 

This captivating geographic formation has been a go-to place for tourists for a good reason: the photo opportunity! This famous attraction is located at Poipu Beach Park where it’s completely free to see. You can also enjoy the golden sand crescents under the sun and even go snorkeling or diving to your heart’s content. 

1.) Learn about Hawaiin history & culture at Kaua’i Museum 

You can never truly learn about the place you’ve visited without learning about Kauai’s rich culture. Take a guided tour of the historical impact of indigenous people in Kaua’i. You can take a good look at the fascinating exhibits and have fun learning about the historic buildings! 

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