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Clueless Filming Locations in LA + Where To Stay! 

Clueless has a massive cult following for a clear reason: it’s just iconic! Check out the road trip itinerary below for all the major filming locations in Clueless, whether you want to get to know LA in a fresh manner or you’re a die-hard Clueless fan:

5.) Cher’s House 

Where to find: 5148 Louise Ave., Encino 91316

Cher and her father Mel resided in a famous Beverly Hills mansion that isn’t exactly in Beverly Hills… It’s in Encino, in the San Fernando Valley, which is odd given Cher’s dislike for the area. The crew shot a lot of sequences inside the home and on the land, but you can’t get too close because it’s encircled by big gates ( you can look through for a glance, though).

4) Dionne’s House 

Where to find: 705 N. Sierra Dr., Beverly Hills 90210

Dionne’s Tudor-style estate can be seen in the flats, right off Sunset Boulevard, and is one of the few notable Clueless locations truly located in Beverly Hills. 

3.) California Roll Stop Sign

Where to find: Elevado Ave and N. Hillcrest Rd, Beverly Hills 90210

“Hello! That was a stop sign!” Recreate that very scene here. Here’s Cher, the world’s most dangerous driver, blazing through a stop sign in Beverly Hills that “appeared out of nowhere.” 

2.) Circus Liquor Parking Lot

Where to find: 5600 Vineland Ave, North Hollywood, CA 91601

What a dreadful night—but what a fantastic backdrop for an IG post. Although there are several Circus Liquor stores throughout the city, the one in North Hollywood is the most famous. It still looks pretty much the same, so if you like kitsch, it’s worth a visit.

1.)Beverly Hills Witch House 

Where to find: 516 Walden Dr, Beverly Hills, CA 90210

When Cher was forced to walk home, she came across this famous landmark. The Witch’s House, also known as the Spadena House, is a Los Angeles landmark. 

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