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Coolest Vacation Destinations When You’re Young And Broke

Young and broke? Don’t worry. There’s a way around the financial limitations on your adventures! 

With some planning and dedication, it’s possible to travel the world with an empty wallet. Not only is it cheaper than most people think, but you get to experience places and cultures that would otherwise be closed off to you. 

Here are five destinations that are worth the splurge if you’re broke after college: 

5.) Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Vietnam has earned a reputation as one of the most affordable countries for travelers, and the nation’s capital — formerly known as Saigon — offers a dazzling array of sights, sounds, and tastes to experience.

Where to stay: If your budget is less than $15, you’re in for a surprise because Vy Khanh Guesthouse is literally $15 with a stellar 9.5 rating! 

4.) Bangkok, Thailand

A popular tourist destination in Southeast Asia, this is a place where you can enjoy a lot for little money. You’ll find sparkling Buddhist temples, limestone cliffs, turquoise waters, and lots of wonderful jungles. In fact, it has some of the lushest jungles in the world. The area has a lot to offer for travelers including bustling cities and friendly locals eager to show off their country’s treasures.

Where to stay:  Amara Bangkok Hotel is the ideal hotel for those who want to pay less and yet the quality of service won’t be compromised. It is conveniently located in Bangkok and designed to give you a feeling of comfort, luxury, and convenience.

3.) Bulgaria 

Bulgaria is one of the best places in Europe for backpackers on a budget because the average price for hostels is between $5 and $15 per night. It’s easy to live off of $10-$15 a day with the cost of food, accommodation, and transport. Alternatively, you can take advantage of free food tours where you will get a truer picture of life in Bulgaria while getting free meals out of it!

Where to stay:   Fun, funky, and full of character, Retro Hotel is the best budget hotel in Bulgaria for young travelers. It’s an old-fashioned place with a colorful history, bright rooms, rich staff, and a warm atmosphere. The location can’t be beaten: just in the heart of the city. 

2.) Prague, Czech Republic

Prague is an amazing cultural melting pot that offers visitors a taste of European history and modern-day life. While not as inexpensive as other entries in this roundup, the estimated cost per person per day in the Czech capital is 2,013 koruna or $90! 

Where to stay: Casa Italia Prague is an unpretentious, cozy house with a master plan for saving your money. Everything you need is provided, and you can cook a meal at home. This is the place where you actually want to be if you want to save your money!

1.) Marrakech, Morocco

Marrakech is like a cross between The Arabian Nights and Disney World: an exotic and mysterious city featuring stunning, pale pink buildings. Situated in Morocco’s Middle Atlas mountains, this city is surrounded by apple orchards and offers sweeping views of the Atlas Mountains in the distance. One of the most frequently visited areas of Marrakech is Djemaa El-Fna, the expansive city square that is the center of dining and entertainment for tourists.

Where to stay: Riad Tamazouzt is a budget-friendly hotel located in one of the most interesting areas of Marrakesh. Its cozy atmosphere, with its tiled flooring, wooden furniture, and antique lanterns, evokes the feeling of Morocco. 


With a little bit of resourcefulness and street smarts, you can definitely have an amazing adventure whilst not having a big budget! If you want to take your vacation in a whole new budget-friendly way, then is the perfect place you can come to. Register here and avail a FREE 15% discount! 

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