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How To Take The Best Shots With The Samsung Galaxy S21 Camera

If you own a Samsung Galaxy S21, you’ve made an excellent decision. The Galaxy S21 is a fantastic camera this year. There are three models to choose from to meet all of your screen-loving requirements: from the Galaxy S21 5G to the Galaxy S21+ 5G to the Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G flagship. Is it time to bid the DSLR/mirrorless camera era farewell?

With these crucial techniques and settings, you can master the Samsung Galaxy S21 camera software and capture great images in no time! 

  1.  Make The Most On Pro Mode 

This is a feature that makes a Samsung phone stand out. This allows you to alter settings manually and this is a powerful feature to improve your photography skills. Shooting RAW is needed to preserve as much detail as possible and the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G has this in Pro Mode. 

You have the power to transform your smartphone into a DSLR-like camera. So, make sure to save your photos in RAW format. 

  1. Change Your Video Resolution

These are among the first things that you should do when you get your hands on the Samsung S21. Your camera’s default setting is to capture videos in Full HD at a configurable frame rate. 

However, your camera is capable of much more. You can set your frame rate at a whopping 8K at 24 FPS, which is the highest resolution a camera can have in the market today! 

To do that, open your camera app and go to Video Mode to choose between different video capture resolutions. A configuration option labeled FHD AUTO should be visible at the top. 

  1. Play Around Director’s View

Vloggers and aspiring vloggers would definitely love this! This is a cool new feature that allows you to flip between different zooms while you’re in the middle of a shot. It also allows you to video simultaneously with both your front-facing and rear-facing cameras.

This is ideal for filming your reaction to something or simply trying to build a cool-looking video.

  1. Toggle On Scene Optimizer 

If you’re just starting out on the road to becoming a great smartphone photographer, this will tremendously help. 

The Samsung S21’s intelligent camera detects what’s in the frame and adjusts automatically to help you take beautiful Instagram-worthy photos. With 32 modes to choose from, it controls exposure, contrast, white balance, and more.

  1. Take Advantage of the Single Take Feature 

Single Take takes a single shot and turns it into a collection of excellently curated photographs and videos that you may choose from. It works like a personal video editor, chopping up, slowing down, and stabilizing footage to make Instagram-ready material.

The Breakdown

Faces, natural lighting, angles, and directions are all analyzed by AI to ensure that your subject is the center of attention and always spectacular. You can shoot amazing images and films with an S21 series smartphone even if you don’t have professional photography skills. 

With the Samsung Galaxy S21 Camera, you will never miss capturing the best moments in your life. Interested in the full potential of this camera? Click here to learn more about it:

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