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Galaxy Upcycling at Home Gets Honored By Reuters Responsible Business Awards

Samsung Upcycling At Home

What is the Reuters Responsibility Business Awards anyway? And why should you care about it? Well, it is the world’s most prestigious award for sustainable business leadership. It acknowledges the creme of the crop of the bunch and lets you know that the business that lets you know that the company you’re supporting exemplifies world-class sustainability and is ecologically responsible.

Now, what’s the Galaxy Upcycling at Home Program all about? It’s an effort that repurposes obsolete Galaxy smartphones into IoT (Internet of Things) devices with a simple software update. Users can repurpose unused cellphones into useful smart home gadgets such as a daycare monitor or a pet care solution using the SmartThings app.

According to the judges, Galaxy Upcycling At Home n is “a straightforward endeavor with a basic notion that helps transform the thinking on the worth of outdated phones.” A truly closed-loop versus e-waste recycling with a novel twist.”

This is a heartening confirmation that Samsung’s efforts to save the earth have given fresh vitality to attaining it one small step at a time. 

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