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How To Enable Face Recognition On Any Samsung Galaxy Phone

Never worry about your phone getting into the wrong hands again! You may unlock your phone and authenticate your identity in specific apps, such as Samsung Pay, using the Facial Recognition feature. It’s a quick and secure way to protect everything on your phone.

Are you ready for your face to become your phone’s unlock code? Follow these steps: 

Step 1: Tap Biometrics and security, then Face recognition, from the Settings menu.

Step 2: Continue, and then, if you haven’t already, set up a screen lock.

Step 3: Tap Continue after selecting whether or not you are wearing glasses.

Step 4: Position your face inside the circle while holding the phone 8-20 inches away. Maintain your position until the progress bar reaches 100%.

Step 5: Remove your glasses if necessary to complete the operation. When you’re finished, make any necessary adjustments and then tap OK.

Congratulations! Your phone can now be unlocked simply by glancing at it! If you’ve set up a lock screen with Face recognition, however, your screen may ask for a PIN, Pattern, or Password if the following criteria are met:

  • Once per 24 hours at the very least.
  • If it’s been 4 hours since you’ve used the gadget.
  • If the gadget has been turned off and on again.
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