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Dating 101: How To Get Closer On The First Date

Valentine’s day is growing nearer and nearer! Ever been on a date where you just clicked with the person online than in person? You think that there’s still potential with the person but the chemistry isn’t just working.

Good news: Chemistry isn’t something that’s already there– it’s made. 

Sometimes it’s difficult to make a connection right away because of dating nerves but these tips will help you get over that wall! 

Tip #1: Prepare For An Engaging Conversation 

Spend most of your time asking about them, rather than talking about yourself unless they ask. Forget the cheesy pick-up lines, ask light-hearted questions like what their favorite movies are, their favorite food, what kind of music they listen to, what hobbies they have, etc. Find a common denominator and let the conversation flow! 

If you’ve already asked those questions while on your talking stage, it’s always a good idea to ask about their dreams, goals in life, and personal values.

Pro-tip: A great indication of the best date is when both of you are interested in each other! 

Tip #2: Express Yourself Externally

When dating, you would want to exhume your ultimate attraction mode! The advantage is that when there’s conversation downtime, you can let your external looks speak for you. You can wear your best outfit that reflects your personality and a great-smelling perfume. After all, perfume is the best way to represent your overall aura.

So, don’t be afraid to go all out in expressing yourself! 

Tip #3: Reciprocate Body Language

If you have trouble expressing your feelings, mirroring is a great way to communicate that you’re subconsciously interested in them. Are they leaning in? Are they crossing their legs? Let your body do the talking for you. 

Tip #4: Prioritize In Making Them Happy 

Isn’t that what dates are all about? Make your date more enjoyable by integrating mini-games, such as if you win this or guess this, you will be granted permission to hug them.

However, never hold hands on the first date; keep that for the third date.

Tip #5: Leave Some Mystery 

This is what people yearn for. On the following upcoming dates, get to know them a little bit at a time. This is essential for getting more dates! Also, if you want to see them again, you simply ask them casually if they’re available at this certain time when the date finishes, and you’ll get an answer immediately.


At the end of the day, finding love is a choice you and only you can make. It depends on you on how you want the date to be. But if marriage is your end goal, the ingenuity of towards serious online dating is a game-changer.

Good luck in finding your perfect match! 

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