Drone Care 101: How To Make Your Drone Last A Lifetime

Let’s be frank: drones are an expensive investment. It’s an arrow straight to the heart when you break your drone due to a rookie mistake. That being said, one should learn how to maintain it in order for it to survive for a longer amount of time, and here is the best guide to assist you in doing so.

Take care of the batteries 

  • Always make sure that your batteries are fully charged before taking your drone to the sky. 
  • If your batteries are already damaged even an inkling, NEVER use it. 
  • Remove the batteries in the drone when not in use 

Only Fly During Good Conditions 

Despite the fact that heavy-duty drones like the DJI Matrice 600 Pro are intended for tough weather, you should always fly at or below the maximum recommended wind speed to avoid accidents.

Clean Your Motors Regularly

Cleaning your drone may be a chore, but it is necessary to keep it in good tip-top shape. After you’ve finished flying, remove and clean your propellers, then use bottled air to blow out any dirt lodged inside the motors.

This prevents dirt from accumulating inside the motors and causing them to fail in mid-flight!

Keep Firmware Up To Date 

Like any other technology at this time of age, there are updates to keep it from being buggy and improvements to maximize its features. 

Regularly Inspect The Motors and Propellers

If you discover a minor chip or fracture in your propeller, or if it is even slightly deformed, it is recommended to replace it. After all, spare propellers aren’t exactly cheap.

These tips are simple, yet highly effective in the long run. Now you know how to maintain your drone. Share this with a friend who would find this helpful. Happy flying! 

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