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How To Spend a Day In Chicago According To Locals 2022

Are you in a rush to see Chicago? You can spend two weeks fully experiencing the wonder of Las Vegas, but spending a day is definitely the perfect length! Visiting during the weekend can be less expensive and busy, too.

Here’s a guide that will help you have the perfect 1-day itinerary that you’ll surely enjoy! 

Visit The Art Institute of Chicago 

Location: 111 S Michigan Ave, Chicago

What is it? One of the oldest and largest art museums in the world 

Why visit? It’s recognized as one of the locals’ crowd favorites because of its curatorial efforts and thus, gaining millions of visitors every single year

Watch A Movie At The Music Box Theatre 

Location: 3733 N Southport Ave, Chicago

What is it? It’s Chicago’s premiere arthouse theatre

Why visit? Being one of the 50 most beautiful cinemas in the world, it’s a relic of an era where films were an experience than just mere images on the screen. 

Have A Stroll At The 16th Street Murals 

Location: 922 W. 16th St.

What is it? It’s an amazing art gallery of hand-painted murals which stretches from the railroad in Pilsen to Western Avenue. 

Why visit? You can witness the heart and soul of Chicago through local artists’ art and take a wonderful stroll at the same time! 

Visit The Lincoln Park Zoo (For Free!) 

Location: 2001 N Clark St, Chicago

What is it? It’s one of the last free zoos in the United States! 

Why visit? More than a thousand critters are waiting for you to visit them all for free. They’re open from 10 A.M to 5 P.M. 

Find Cool Toys/ Figurines At Rotofugi 

Location: 2780 N Lincoln Ave, Chicago

What is it? It’s a Multiple Award-Winning toy store and art gallery that sells designer toys, blind boxes, and figurines! 

Why visit? Rotofugi offers a wide variety of collections of contemporary toys in all of Chicago, so if you’re a collector or a kid at heart, or if you just want to bring home cool souvenirs from your trip, this is the place for you! 

Store hours: 10 A.M- 7 P.M daily

They even have an in-show art gallery schedule here that hosts free shows for you to peruse. 

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