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How To Track Your Sleep With The Galaxy Watch4

Since the advent of timepieces, we’ve come a long way. They used to just tell the time and leave it at that. But who knew you could use it to track your sleep as well? The future is indeed here! When you wear your Samsung Galaxy Watch3 to bed, it has the ability to track your sleep. It can measure the various stages of sleep, including REM sleep, and provide nightly feedback on your sleep quality. 

While this may not appear to be much, keep in mind that sleeping is one of the most fundamental activities of the human body.

An otherwise healthy person can be ruined by poor sleeping habits. So, without further ado, watch this video to learn how you can enable it: 

This is just one of the numerous features that help the Galaxy Watch 4 become one of the best Android smartwatches available. This is your travel partner on the road to a healthy self. 

Learn more about the Samsung Galaxy Watch4 here

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