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How To Travel The World (When You’re Not Rich)

Traveling can be expensive. But in order to afford to travel regularly, you have to be willing to think outside the box. Spice things up a bit with some ingenious techniques that this guide will specifically help you with.

5.) Make Money While Traveling 

Who knew you can do this? You can teach overseas and create an amazing website with niche travel topics. At this time of age, you can literally work anywhere in the world as long as you have the skillset for it. 

4.) Choose Accommodations Wisely is the perfect place to find affordable accommodations that don’t compromise its quality. This travel guide will help you with how to get the best yet budget-friendly places! 

3.) Skip Tourist Traps 

Tourist traps may be fun on the surface level but they could potentially be tacky, deceitful, and an overall waste of time and money. Go to underrated places instead! They’re one Google search away. 

2.) Create A Travel Fund 

When creating a travel fund, one must be able to set some rules about how one can spend money. It’s either all of the extra cash from part-time jobs, extra hours, bonuses– any type of extra money will automatically to the travel fund. 

1.) Open A Travel Savings Account 

Set a minimum budget to go to your account per week. Also, it’s best to cut back a little on everything– whether it’s choosing to eat out or ordering a $5 latte and ask yourself if you need those purchases. Once you set into momentum into this habit,  you’ll be surprised how much you have saved! 

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