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Best Tips On How To Travel With Pets Like A Pro! 

5.) Book a pet-friendly hotel

Pet-friendly hotels actually exist! Book your hotel or rental early and call early to request a pet-friendly room (again, yes, they actually exist!) Airlines and trains also have a set capacity for pets on each trip, so reserve ahead of time to be sure there’s a spot for your furbaby. 

4.) Keep your pet restrained during the ride 

It’s not safe when traveling if your dog’s energy is way above the roof! Sure, it may be cute, but your pet might distract you, especially if you’re having a road trip. So, make sure that you place your pet in a pet seat or baby seat and keep them strapped on a seatbelt. Better be safe than sorry! 

3.) Get an approved pet-carrier 

If you’re getting on an airline or a railway, make sure that officially sanctioned your carrier by checking the requirements on the website. Don’t forget to label your pet’s name and your contact details. Mark it clearly and prominently with the words “Live Animal,” so nobody can mistake it for regular luggage.

2.) Bring medical records

If you’re traveling across the state or international borders, a health certificate may be required in addition to proof of rabies vaccination. Sometimes it won’t be needed but secure it just to be sure. 

1.) Don’t overfeed your pet 

This is a common mistake amongst pet owners– if you overfeed them, it may cause them to be nauseous during traveling. Also, if you’re bringing your dog, you can walk them off to expend energy pre-boarding. 

Final Thoughts

Now that you know how to take good care of your beloved furbaby when traveling. Who knew there are pet-friendly hotels out there, right? offers all kinds of hotels for every person’s preference so, you’ll never have trouble finding the perfect hotel for you and your pet.

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