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How To Turn Your Samsung Into A Barcode Scanner

Knox Capture For Business

What exactly are Knox Capture and Knox Manage? It’s an exciting function that turns your Samsung smartphone into enterprise-grade scanners and incorporates barcode data into your business. You can basically turn your phone into a barcode scanner. Talk about a one-stop-shop!

Best Benefits:

  • Business owners say their hurrahs as this would be advantageous in lowering total operational costs with simple, customized scanning UX that can be deployed in bulk. 
  • Another benefit would be faster camera boot-up and more accurate auto-focus, which would be possible by strong Samsung hardware integration.
  • It can do more than what a simple scanner would do because the hardware key can be remapped to activate scanning, or the keyboard wedge can be used to fill up any field with a scan instead of typing.

Samsung has unquestionably gone above and beyond. Knowing that your smartphone can function as a scanner confirms that the future has arrived Operating your business would be a sinch if you utilize this neat feature. In order to do that, here’s how to use Knox Manage to deploy Knox Capture with a custom scanning configuration to your devices via an EMM:

Try Knox Capture for free here 

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