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How to Use Ashley Madison Discreetly

If you are looking for a legit dating site where you can potentially find a discreet relationship (or fling), then Ashley Madison is one of your best options. According to the company, the dating site has a very active community of users – especially female users. That means your chances of finding a discreet relationship are fairly good.

However, you still need to take some extra precautions to protect your identity to avoid getting caught using the site:

Protect your personal information

If you are like most users who join Ashley Madison, then discretion is a must. Therefore, you need to protect your personal information to avoid it getting out that you are using a notorious dating site.

Luckily, Ashley Madison makes concealing your identity fairly easy. In fact, you can create a totally anonymous profile with fake user details. For example, you can make up a name to use on the site, as well as cover your profile photos with a digital mask to help “mask” your identity. Also, instead of using an existing email address to register on the site, create a new email address to register with – using fake user details – to help further conceal your identity.

The discreet dating site offers discreet billing and payment options as well.

Cover your digital tracks

The next step in concealing your identity on Ashley Madison is to conceal your digital tracks to help prevent others from being able to nose around and discover that you are a member of the site.

First, never browse the site over an unsecured network connection – even if you are at home. Therefore, you should install a VPN (a virtual private network) on any device that you use to visit the site. Secondly, when you register your account, make sure that you create a very strong password that would be nearly impossible for someone to guess. Even better, regularly change your password every so often just to be on the safe side.

You should also delete your browsing history and cookies each time after you are done browsing to prevent anyone who might have access, or gain access, to your device from being able to find the website in your browsing history.

Watch out for scammers

Finally, just like all dating sites, Ashley Madison has its fair share of scammers. In addition to stealing from you, some bad actors might attempt to unmask your identity to potentially blackmail you. However, it’s fairly easy to spot fake profiles and scammers – especially if you use common sense. For example, never reveal your real name to anyone on the site. Furthermore, if a user’s photos look like model shots, they are probably fake. Also, if someone professes their love for you right away, they are likely a scammer.

In short, you can look for a discreet relationship on Ashley Madison while remaining discreet by protecting your personal information. You can also protect your identity by covering your digital tracks, as well as looking out for potential scammers.

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