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Knox For Kids: Smart Way To Enter The Kids Smartphone Industry

Kids are getting their first phones at an increasingly young age. According to Samsung, smartphone ownership has increased by 14% among youngsters aged 8 to 11, and by 21% among those aged 12 to 15, since 2015.

As a result, telecom firms, educational content providers, and digital start-ups are focusing on the youth market. While the economic opportunity is obvious, capitalizing on it is not so simple.

Albeit, the market for kid-friendly smartphones and tablets is rapidly expanding. Discover how Samsung devices and Knox Configure are assisting telecom carriers and educational services in entering this attractive market with minimal cost.

Samsung is aware of children’s vulnerability from the internet. How can they make smartphones child-friendly, with appropriate content and tools for behavioral guidance? Knox For Kids is the safe space parents are looking for. It gives parents the reassurance that tech addiction, cyber attacks, and inevitable exposure to inappropriate content 

The Samsung Kids feature, in conjunction with Knox Configure, makes it simple for any operator or service provider to offer kid-friendly phones with minimal expenditure.

Learn more about Knox For Kids here

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