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Most Unique Places To Visit In Portugal 2022

According to, Portugal is the best country in the world to travel to. Of course, one does not want to miss the breathtaking hidden gems Portugal has to offer. Hence, it has been one of the most attractive places for a spectacular Eurotrip. This curated list of places in Portugal will definitely inspire you to have an unforgettable adventure of a lifetime! 

Here are the most unique places to visit when exploring Portugal: 

5.) Benagil Caves, Algarve 

Benagil Cave is possibly one of the most fascinating and famous places to visit in Portugal because of its enchanting natural rock formations. This remarkable seaside cave is swimmable, and reachable through a boat trip. For all these reasons, the Michelin Guide considered Benagil Cave to be the 15th most beautiful cave in the world. 

Fun fact: Windows also found a way to honor this beautiful cave, using a photo to create a screensaver for Windows 10.

4.) Sintra 

Sintra looks like it’s straight out from a fairy-tale storybook! This whimsical town is like when Disney meets Game of Thrones, don’t you think? Hidden among its splendid pine forest, the elegant castles and enchanting gardens are waiting to be explored by you.

If you’re also feeling adventurous, you can visit Praia Grande— the nearest beach in Sintra. 

Where to stay: Chalet Saudade offers a privileged location for guests to explore the mystic places of Sintra. 

3.) Costa Nova, Aveiro

Also known as “The Venice of Portugal”, Aveiro has been a popular tourist destination in the country. Aveiro is well-known for its local gems, amazing cuisine, and art museums. The less hurried pace here affords every traveler to make lasting memories. 

Where to stay: Hotel Aveiro Palace is an excellent location in the heart of Aveiro. You can have a spectacular overlooking view of the Central Canal and the charming Moliceiros boats. 

2.) Porto 

The vibrant city of Porto is filled with charm and tantalizing culture. The UNESCO Old Town and port cellars are the main stars of the show. If you’re looking for a place where you can have the best nightlife, the great news is that this city is on the cusp of the Douro Valley– one of the most phenomenal grape-growing regions in the entirety of Europe! 

Where to stay: One Shot Aliados Goldsmith 12 is a spectacular hotel close to tourist sites and the best restaurants. 

1.) Douro Valley Vineyards 

When visiting the famous town of Porto, one does not simply complete the trip without taking in the beautiful Douro Valley. You can enjoy white wine, red wine, and even their famous port wine while walking through the magnificent field of grapes. 

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