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Real-Life Anime Locations You Can Visit In Tokyo 2022

Are you on an anime pilgrimage? It can be challenging to locate these anime hot spots in Japan but don’t fret, here’s a tour guide that will help you! 

5.) Kimetsu No Yaiba- Asakusa Neighborhood 

Location: Taitō, Tokyo, Japan

As this place retains the vibe of old Tokyo with traditional craft shops and street-food stalls along Nakamise Street near the ancient Sensō-ji temple. There’s this scene in the anime where Tanjiro heads out to work and he winds up in the vibrant Asakusa neighborhood. 

Where to stay: MIMARU TOKYO Asakusa Station Rating: 9.2/10  

4.) Ano Hana- Chichibu City

Location: Saitama Prefecture (2 hours away from Tokyo) 

There has been a handful of places in Chichibu City wherein they set the whole tone of the anime. 

Where to stay: Guesthouse Nishiki Rating: 8.2/10

3.) Dogo Onsen- Spirited Away 

Location: Matsuyama, Ehime Prefecture

This famous bathhouse has been a big inspiration for Hayao Miyazaki’s masterpiece. The rooms in this luxurious onsen have been preserved with the integrity of the past so, if you want to elevate your Spirited Away experience, you can book a room there! 

2.) Shibuya Crossing- The Boy And The Beast 

Location: 2 Chome-2-1 Dogenzaka, Shibuya City, Tokyo 150-0043, Japan

Nothing but Tokyo’s famous tourist spot is the Shibuya crossing known and loved by foreign people all over the world. 

Where to stay: TRUNK (HOTEL) Rating: 9.1/10

1.) Cocoon Tower – Weathering With You

Location: 2-chōme-11 Nishishinjuku, Shinjuku City, Tōkyō-to 160-0023, Japan

A really cool-looking building stands tall in the busy streets of Shinjuku and it has been featured in one of the stunning shots of the movie wherein Hina successfully uses her powers to give sunshine.

Where to stay: yksi stay 9/10

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