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Samsung One UI 4.0 Makes Camera UI Better With Android 12

Did you know that in November, Samsung released an upgrade that vastly improved the camera? Get your phones out and go to the camera app to have some fun! 

Samsung’s Android 12 update includes a slew of new features, ranging from multi-function enhancements to animated emoji on Samsung’s keyboard. Among the numerous modifications, the Camera and Gallery user interfaces stand out since they elevate the user experience.

In the Android 12/One UI 4.0 upgrade, the critical Camera UI receives a basic, crisp design, with a preview that only reveals the information you need. When there is poor light or when scanning a document, the scene optimizer button will only appear in image mode.

What’s New

Camera UI

In contrast, the expansion button appears in all lighting circumstances on the One UI 3. Settings in Portrait and Night mode are still precise, so you can simply select the right amount of bokeh and adjust the night lighting.

When in default photo mode, tapping and holding the shutter button makes video recording as quick as your default setting, but now you have the option to swipe the key to record video instead. This can be really beneficial if you need to quickly shoot a video on the level.

Pro Mode 

The Pro mode settings have been streamlined and reorganized for a more professional appearance. For convenient zooming, the zoom level is now visible in the lens symbols. 

The video quality has also improved, as the recording now begins when you click the record button rather than when you release it.

Single Take

You may now add extra time to your recording with Single Take so you don’t miss any key moments. Following the completion of the recording, the content selection menu has been enhanced to make it easier to select the relevant shots.

Try out the latest upgrade and push your creative photography & videography to the next level! 

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