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Samsung Family Hub: Is It Worth The Money?

What if your refrigerator could warn you if the door has been left open or if there isn’t enough ice in the freezer? What if you could make meal plans with just a push of a button?

The Family Hub refrigerator, which pioneered the smart-appliances craze, is now in its third version, but it still has its iconic 21.5-inch touch screen. This is, without a doubt, the mother of all smart refrigerators.

This all sounds pretty interesting but the real question is: what can a Family Hub do for you? 

Samsung’s Family Hub, which now includes Alexa, allows you to stay connected to your family and home no matter where you are. From your refrigerator, you can control your Samsung smart appliances and gadgets, stream music, share photos with your family, and much more.

Reasons to buy: 

  • It includes a huge touch-screen display on which you can look up recipes, scribble notes, use Bixby to conduct general searches, listen to music, make shopping lists, 
  • With just a few taps, you can add groceries to your Shopping List or have them delivered to your home by one of our partners.
  • The Fridge Manager app regulates the refrigerator’s temperature, demonstrating that Samsung hasn’t forgotten about the appliance’s primary function.

The Verdict

It should come as no surprise that the Family Hub is best suited to families that live together. It aids in the organization of hectic schedules, notes and messages, and other types of communication that occur in a busy family home. 

This modernist refrigerator has the potential to serve as a dynamic center for the entire household. As a result, the Samsung Family Hub is the best future home investment you can make. 

Learn more about the Samsung Family Hub here

Customers at Home Depot have given this stylish refrigerator high marks, indicating that it would be a solid long-term investment. Avail yours here

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