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New Samsung Kids Update With One UI 4 Soars High!

Samsung Kids One UI 4 Update

Smartphones have changed the world. Smartphones, in this day and age, are recognized as portals to a whole new universe of diverse experiences.

Unfortunately, because there are no restrictions, parents must exercise caution in protecting their children from potentially hazardous content and prevent them from accessing critical files. That’s why parents are quite concerned and hesitant in letting their children have access to smartphones. 

Here’s where the most recent Samsung Kids update comes in!

Best Key Updates: 

  1. You can adjust background colors and apps based on age groups 

With the update, there are now options to adjust the color of the backdrop and the apps displayed on the screen, allowing people of all ages to use the service. 

Parents can delete default apps and populate the home screen with content from the Recommended Content page and apps that they have downloaded and allowed to better cater to their child’s requirements.

  1. Stronger parental controls for monitoring activity and setting weekly goals 

Samsung wants to develop a method in helping parents regulate healthy smartphone usage. So, Samsung provides insights into kids’ mobile activities. Apps are sorted by frequency of use, making it easier to keep track of how much time each one spends on the screen. Quite nifty, huh? 

  1. New welcome board featuring Crocro’s little friends 

It makes it easier for kids to access more fun and educational content. Their greetings and interactions may vary depending on the situation and new character behaviors are introduced. 

Meanwhile, the newly added partners’ content app card combines recommended apps together by category, making it easier for users to identify apps that they might like.

  1. Added new and even friendlier “Little Friends”! 

Who doesn’t like these new and adorable little critters? In the video below, you may meet all six characters, including new additions like Leo the seal, who likes to collect stuff from the sea, and Finn the intelligent dolphin. 

With fewer opportunities to enjoy the outdoors these days, children are increasingly reliant on electronic gadgets.

Indeed, the Samsung Kids One UI 4 update has become even more engaging, as well as a safer space for the digital world that takes into account both parents and children!

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