Samsung Neo QLED 8K QN800A: First Next Generation TV

The high-end TV scene is as perplexing as ever for first-time purchasers. In 2021, Samsung introduced the latest high-end TV technology– the QLED TV. What’s the difference between QLED and OLED? To cut it short:  QLED has higher brightness, a longer lifespan, wider screen sizes, and lower prices. 

OLED, on the other hand, provides a wider viewing angle, deeper black depths, consumes less electricity, and maybe healthier. However, because they are both wonderful, selecting between them is a personal choice.

So, what makes the Samsung NEO QLED TV stand out from the crowd? 

Reasons to buy:

  • It has Quantum Matrix Technology Pro, which allows you to see inconceivable details in both the darkest black and the purest white 
  • The sophisticated multi-intelligent processor in the Neo QLED produces the greatest Real 8K viewing experience. The highest resolution you can get in the market! 
  • Quantum Dot technology gives you the clearest image. Quantum Dot’s Color Volume 100% transforms light into a beautiful color that remains true at any brightness level.
  • The coolest thing is that it contains Anti-Reflection technology! The sun’s brightness will never distract you from your viewing pleasure.
  • Every seat in the house is the best thanks to the Ultra Viewing Angle! 

The Verdict

Those mind-blowing characteristics? They’re only the tip of the iceberg!  We haven’t even gotten to the bit about how crisp the sound is and all of the other incomparable features. This TV has numerous firsts and is undeniably groundbreaking.

With the Samsung Neo QLED 8K QNOOA, you can expect nothing but excellent viewing quality. This is, without a doubt, the most advanced and greatest smart 8K TV available in 2021. 

Learn more about its full specs here

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