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Samsung Semiconductor: A Big Step To Water Conservation

Samsung Semiconductor

Water is the most important thing and Samsung is only one of a few firms that are steadfastly pursuing a greener tomorrow. Being recently honored by the Reuters Responsibility Awards for their Galaxy Upcycling Program– Samsung will not stop there; they will continue to save the globe one idea at a time.

Water management is a critical component of Samsung. It is both the beginning and the end of workplace environmental safety and is necessary for the development of new products

They have a stringent water management system that was responsible for the miracle of Osan Stream, and they were also the first in the business to receive Water Footprint accreditation. As a result, they are expanding their water management operations, especially as the scope and importance of corporate responsibility grow.

Samsung contributed significantly helped to bringing back the otters! 

Undoubtedly, Samsung always raises the standard in terms of ethics and transparency. They keep their word and work to preserve nature. With over decades of hard work, they reduced more than 10 million tons of water usage. Truly worthy of the industry’s first Water Footprint Certification.  It just goes to prove that Samsung will not waste any water, not even a single drop! 

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