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Samsung Semiconductor Site: Industry’s First Sustainable Water Use Certification

Samsung has been recognized again for its continuous efforts towards the environment. Samsung Hwaseong Campus, which houses the company’s cutting-edge manufacturing and research and development facilities for memory and logic solutions, became the first semiconductor site to receive the Carbon Trust Standard for Water. 

This prestigious certification, which acknowledges organizations that have used best practices in measuring and managing their water use, reflects Samsung’s continued and broad commitment to advancing sustainability.

Samsung has promised to promote sustainability at its semiconductor locations and to endeavor to reduce its environmental imprint at all times.

Numbers matter. So, how many gallons of water were preserved?

  • The site used an average of 13.24 billion gallons of water per year during 2017 and 2018. Consumption fell to 12.97 billion gallons in 2019.
  • This equates to roughly 274.7 million gallons of annual water savings, which is enough water to supply approximately 200,000 Koreans for a full month.

Samsung’s philosophy is: “We contribute to the preservation of human life and the global environment through business practice that respects people and nature.” and indeed, they have gone above and beyond in terms of water conservation.

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