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Short Film “Kids of Paradise” Is Entirely Shot By Galaxy S21 Ultra

The Galaxy S21 Ultra is still one of the best smartphone cameras in the world ten months after its release. Because of innovative technology, mobile filmmaking is reaching new heights.

With the Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G, Chinese director Sha Mo, known for Love Will Tear Us Apart and My Huckleberry Friends, shot the short film Kids of Paradise, which stars pupils from a small country school. He used the Director’s View feature on his smartphone to photograph the same scenario from three distinct views, which he claims is impossible with larger cameras.

The film’s theme of peaceful cohabitation in a world full of differences reflects the director’s desire for variety and equality. It only goes to show that anyone with a smartphone has the potential to create compelling stories.

Looking at the behind-the-scenes footage makes you realize how fantastic it is to be able to do all of this with a smartphone. Truly, the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra is reshaping the genre of filmmaking!

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