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Solo Travel Safety Tips 2022

Being in a foreign place, or on unfamiliar grounds, can make you an easy target for crime. Reduce your risk of being mugged by taking a few simple precautions. Here are some universal safety tips that you can apply anywhere in the world: 

At the Airport: 

  • Watch out for staged mishaps– spilling a drink, someone bumping into you, etc. This tactic will divert your attention away from your valuables. 
  • Never ride non-airport taxis. Some taxis charge customers more than the actual fare and even take a longer route just to extort money from you. 
  • When seeking information or directions, always go to the marked counters. 

At your Accommodation: 

  • Store your valuables in a safety deposit box 
  • Keep your room locked at all times 
  • Always make sure that your luggage is given to the bell staff 
  • If you want to dive in deeper about accommodation safety, this 2-minute read will help you! 
  • Ask your hotel manager or local tourist for information about different scams happening in that place. 

At the Streets:

  • Blend in the crowd and match your dress style with the locals. Avoid loud shirts and a camera hanging from your neck. 
  • Never bring large sums of money with you
  • Practice awareness and notice people are taking a more passing interest in you for too long. 
  • Exchange your money at the bank or hotel; avoid doing this in the streets
  • Consider having a “dummy” wallet holding a small amount of money. In that way, you can avoid further distress. 

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